A HRSA Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program

Great Plains - Mountain GWEP Consortium

Several HRSA funded Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Programs (GWEPs) collaborated to develop and deliver training for long-term care (LTC) facilities on Resiliency for staff and residents. Collectively, the GWEPs bring together national expertise in Geriatrics and Quality Improvement. The consortium uses the ECHO / Zoom format to deliver interactive presentations. All sessions are free and they are archived for new and established LTC staff to access. The program promotes the concept of "All teach, All Learn." The goal of the program is to improve the knowledge and actions of LTC staff towards better care for older adults.


  • Montana Geriatric Education Center
  • Wyoming Center on Aging
  • Utah Geriatric Education Consortium
  • Dakota Geriatrics

Building Resilience: Maintaining Quality Care in Nursing Homes During COVID

This 12-week Project ECHO series will be offered over Zoom.

  • March 2 - May 18
  • 1:00 - 2:00 pm MST • 2:00 - 3:00 pm Central

Upcoming Sessions

Presenters include regional and national experts in geriatric care. Receive feedback on your Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement process from quality improvement experts.

  • April 27 – Prioritize Quality Opportunities and Charter PIP
    Primary Topic: Age Friendly Case - Mentation
  • May 4 – Plan, Conduct, and Document PIPS
    Primary Topic: Age Friendly Case - Medications
  • May 11 – Getting to the “Root” of the Problem
    Primary Topic: Age Friendly Case – Mobility
  • May 18 – Take Systemic Action
    Primary Topic: Principals of Infection and Treatment


COVID-19 Considerations

Strengthen your organizations knowledge and best practices around COVID-19. Support your staff and build team resilience.

Age-Friendly Care

Provide better care for older adults by applying the 4Ms of geriatric care and learn about becoming recognized by IHI as Age Friendly.

Quality Improvement

Build quality improvement skills to help improve patient outcomes!

Faculty / Mentors

  • Catherine Carrico, PhD

    GWEP Leader
    Associate Director, Wyoming Center on Aging

  • Linda Edelman, RN, PhD, FGSA, FAAN

    GWEP Leader
    Director, Utah Geriatric Education Consortium

  • Donald Jurivich, DO

    GWEP Leader
    Director, Dakota Geriatrics | University of North Dakota

  • Renee Brooksbank, ESQ

    Admin Director

  • Jane Winston, MD

    Medical Director

  • Faye Salzer, RN

    Infection Control

  • Mark Dewey, PharmD


  • Carmen Bowman, MHS, BSW

    Culture Change

  • Jean Roland, BSN, CPHQ

    QIO/QAPI Experts

  • Jenifer Lauckner, RN

    QIO/QAPI Experts

  • Crystal Morse, MSW

    QIO/QAPI Experts

  • Adrienne Butterwick MPH, CHES

    QIO/QAPI Experts

  • Peer Mentors

    Nursing Home Representatives