Dakota Geriatrics
A HRSA Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program
Great Plains Consortium


Dakota Geriatrics provides the following geriatric educational opportunities.

  • Age-Friendly Education - 4Ms
    Find videos and slides of age-friendly educational presentations based on the 4Ms (What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility).
  • Age-Friendly Healthcare Microlearning
    The purpose of this microlearning curriculum is to provide reinforcement of concepts of Age-Friendly Healthcare and Geriatric 4Ms through microlectures to healthcare professionals.
  • AHRQ ECHO National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network
    A collaboration with Center for Rural Health, Dakota Geriatrics participated in the Network as an official training center for nursing homes.
  • Building Resilience: Maintaining Quality Care in Nursing Homes During COVID
    This 12-week series went from March 2 - May 18, 2022. This Project ECHO series is brought to you by the Great Plains – Mountain GWEP Consortium.
  • Direct Care Workers Webinars
    Webinars on Geriatric syndromes offered the third Monday of the month.
  • Geriatric Curriculum
    Core geriatric competencies will be addressed in these modules to assure that all learners receive training supporting mastery of geriatric competencies.
  • Health Ambassador Teams for Seniors (HATS)
    This interprofessional community service learning program will introduce students to the full spectrum of elderly heath status and older adult wellness promotion.
  • Health Promotion Program
    The mission of this program is to advance the health and wellness of the greater Grand Forks area with a focus on increasing health equity within the community.
  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) Academy
    The objective of the academy is to advance interprofessional education in geriatrics.
  • Long-Term Care Curriculum for Nursing
    A microlearning curriculum for all levels of nurses, trainees, and Qualified Service Providers.
  • Project ECHO
    Ongoing Project ECHO Geriatrics and Age-Friendly TeleECHOs.
    Learn about best practices and evidence-based care for your patients through didactic and case presentations.
  • Tellegacy Program
    Discover the potential of a conversation. Research has shown that loneliness and social isolation can result in long-term negative health outcomes. The intergenerational Tellegacy program helps keep older adults connected.
  • Twitter Journal Club
    Short scientific articles were reviewed and discussed among healthcare professionals, trainees, and researchers.

Past Symposiums

Find more information on past events, including slides and videos.